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Selecting wedding dress according to stature

Wedding dress fabric is not the more upscale, more ornate the better accessories. Even discount wedding dresses, just suitable for your body, can also make you dazzling. Here we come to talk about the figure to match with the wedding dresses.

One, oval body

This figure is characterized by the shoulders and hips are plump, waist is not obvious, the whole body like a oval apple This figure people can choose skirt type, it has a sense of design in the waist and collar, and you will see up convex. You can also choose A line skirt, A-line dress will not only lengthen your height, but also hide your fat.

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Second, pears stature

This body is characterized by a relatively wide shoulders, chest, waist, are more rounded buttocks relatively large. Being held like a pear. This female figure wearing the safest type of tute discount wedding dresses, shoulder sleeve design allows disadvantages into advantages. Alternatively, you can wear straight-type, three-dimensional design, low-cut tailoring can soften the rigid lines, makes you charming.

Third, onion-shaped body

This body type is usually straight lines, no convex curves, shoulders and hips approximately equal width. As tall people can choose lotus skirt waist discount wedding dresses, low-cut and A-line ruffle you can shift the focus of sight, a slight discount waist A-line wedding dress can also be modified to your waist straight barrel.